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Why is it so popular? The history of the Cuban Chain

The Miami Cuban necklace or curb chain is a piece of jewelry that has been in the headlines again and again in recent years. But where does this necklace actually come from and how did it get its name?

The Cuban necklace, also known as the Miami Cuban Link or Curb Link, is a chain with a special link design. The links are arranged in a fixed pattern and are reminiscent of a road curve, which is why it is also known as a "curb link". The chain originally became popular in Miami, Florida in the 80's, which is why it got its name from the city.

But why did this particular chain become so popular? One reason could be that it was worn by many rappers and hip-hop artists, making it an important accessory in hip-hop culture. Today, the Cuban necklace is still popular with many artists and actors and is often worn as a statement piece.

But the Cuban necklace is not only popular with artists. More and more fashionistas are also turning to this piece of jewelry to give their outfit that extra something. The necklace goes with many different styles and can be worn both casually and festively.

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