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Find your necklace size

In this post, we're going to share with you some methods for determining your necklace length. Use an existing necklace If you already have a necklace of the right length,...

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Find your bracelet size

In this article we will show you some methods to determine your bracelet length. The bracelet length is the measured wrist circumference plus 2cm. If you are between two sizes...

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Find your ring size

If you want to buy a ring, it is important that it fits well, sits comfortably and does not slip. The size of the ring is therefore very important. In...

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Rhodium protects 925 sterling silver

What is rhodium? Rhodium is the rarest and most expensive precious metal and belongs to the platinum group of metals. The expensive metal is mainly extracted from platinum deposits and...

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Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

Sterling silver is a popular material for jewellery as it is durable and beautiful. Sterling silver jewellery is a popular material for jewellery as it is high quality and elegant.To...

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