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Find your necklace size

In this post, we're going to share with you some methods for determining your necklace length.

Use an existing necklace

If you already have a necklace of the right length, measure it to find out the size of the new necklace. There are two ways to measure a necklace.

Option 1: Measure the whole length

Lay the necklace in a straight line on a flat surface. Measure it from one end to the other and note the length.

Option 2: Measure a closed chain

Place the necklace closed on a flat surface and measure its length from end to end. Then double this measurement and note the length.

Use a tape measure or string

If you don't have a necklace for reference, you can use a tape measure or string to determine the perfect length.

Option 1: With a tape measure

Put the tape measure around your neck like a necklace. Adjust the tape measure to the desired length and note the measurement.

Option 2: With a string

Put a string around your neck like a necklace, set the desired length and mark where the ends meet. Then measure the cord and note the length.


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